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Our roots

We are storytellers across all media. CreativeFever is well anchored with our award winning artistic roots in illustration, graphics, and photography. We have recently added video to our services. We have professionals on our team who have worked in video production for their entire working careers. Our writers and marketing team members create on-target script that stems from our education in advertising, journalism and marketing. We help find purpose and business meaning to imagery that communicates your new business goals, highlights your past successes and helps your new projects grow.  We are excited to tell your unique story to the world through video that engages, promotes, informs and educates, whether online or live. Together with you we will figure out the most engaging way to bring out your special story and message in a way that best fits the character of the company, product/service, organization or individual. No project is too big or too small. Do you have a project? Please give us a call because we would love to help.

Video options to help you think about what you might like for your video:

Video types

•corporate video


•web short

•film short

•who are you

•what's your project

•sales presentation

•educational presentation

•music video

•explainer video

Video methods

•1-2 person talking


•screencasts with voice over



•product video

•video montage or slideshow

•green screen

•aerial views

Animation options

•motion graphics 


•kinetic type

•animated logo

•still photography to motion

•animation over video

•special after effects

Style options



•back country rustic

•high tech




•fine art


•kid friendly


What we have to do your project right:

Video and audio equipment

•DSLR cameras 

•Variety of lens


•Stabilizers / rigs / booms / sliders

•Audio (Lavalier / Shotgun)

•Continuous lighting


•Post production software

•Video computer

Team expertise

•TV and film cameraman

•Journalist / writer

•Animator / illustrator / storyboarder


•Sound effects pro

•Sound specialist

•Director of photography

•Post production editor / after effects


•Hair and makeup artists

Voiceover actors


•Food stylist

•Music composer

•Props / locations advisor
•Set builder



Understand Objectives

•Meet with client and learn needs / wants

•Understand the marketing goals

•Understand deadline / budget

•Know if there are existing specifications



•Quote for concept

•Research and brainstorm

•Write script

•Draw storyboard

•Sound creative

•Quote for production



Sourcing cast, locations, props needed.

•Determine filming schedule

•Casting the talent

•Location scouting or set building

•Props sourcing

•Sound / music sourcing if needed


•Approvals. Then we are ready to shoot.



•Director of photography/cinematographer

•Second cameraman

•Sound recordist

•Food stylist / hairstylist / makeup artist



Post Production

•Filming editing (rough cut)

•Filming editing (final cut)

•Filming editing (final tweaks)

•After effects


•Sound editing

•Animated logos

•Motion graphics / titles / animation

•Export to desired format(s)
  for web, tv or presentation

•Delivery via Dropbox, Blu-Ray or on hard drive.

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