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At CreativeFever we are passionate about creating powerful brands for consumer goods and services. Combining strategic marketing, creativity, technical knowledge, innovation and insight, we deliver award winning print and online advertising that ignites enthusiasm and persuades people to buy. We are more than just a pretty picture. 


We are a full service, multi-discipline, digital content developer.  We make sure that your branding is consistent over all media. Skilled in photography, video, illustration, and digital media allows us to offer you the best solutions for your project and budget. Our work helps our clients look consistent, unique, professional, while remaining on target with their marketing efforts. 

CreativeFever is a NEW branding & design agency and digital content provider but our founder has been an award winning contributor to many of North America’s brands for over 30 years. With more than 500 brands in various categories under our belt. Let us help you get your product/service of the ground, or be consistent with an existing brand or refresh a brand that needs a boost. Our speciality is in packaging and all extended aspects of consumer goods; such as P.O.P., promotions, websites, sales tools and full campaigns from start to finish. We are persistent with our effort to find that golden nugget of data amongst the marketing research. We are always looking for marketing opportunities and exciting new trends and innovations that will help our clients.

Annette Gerard, Founder and Creative Director


AG Portfolio

Annette has helped to build some powerful brands
over the past 30 years, such as;

  • Airmiles

  • Orange Crush, Mountain Dew, Hires, Canada Dry

  • Canadian Tire

  • CibaVision

  • Rexall

  • C-I-L

  • Cloverleaf

  • Tim Hortons

  • CN Tower

  • Disney

  • Scotts

  • Ford

  • Wilson Laboratories

  • Nu-Gro

  • Hewitts Dairy

  • IBM

  • Proctor & Gamble

  • Neilson Cadbury

  • Welch's 

  • Pita Gourmet

  • Pepsi

  • Pita Pazzaz

  • Pop Shoppe

  • Recipes Plus

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