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10 different styles of people photography

Just as everyone is different, there are many ways to photograph someone so that their true personally comes through. As well as capturing the essence of the person, we also need to think what is the purpose of the photo. Is it to advertise their business? To hang on a wall to remember a certain time? Is it to help them get a job for their resumé and online presence? Or is it to convey a mood or a feeling to give a book cover some interest to entice reading further? Is it to inform a viewer of the happening of an important event? It is a important time as the birth of first child, a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation or the beginning or end to an event?

Just as there are many reasons there are also many ways to take the photo. As the photographer I like to best understand what makes that person tick or how to create a photo that will sell an idea. What is their passion in life? How is the product or service that the person represents, highlighted in the photo. Let's capture the true you, with purpose while thinking about photographic style, location, type of lighting, with the most suitable clothes, props and setting.

There are many types of people photography styles (and purposes), here is a list of the main ones.

Can you think of any others?

Photographic Styles

1. traditional portrait (headshot, family, group) 2. environmental portrait (corporate, industrial, outdoor/onsite) 3. candid portrait (street, travel, event, documentary) 4. glamour portrait (fashion, beauty, boudoir) 5. lifestyle portrait (editorial, advertising) 6. surreal portrait (fine art, advertising) 7. conceptual portrait (fine art, advertising) 8. abstract portrait (fine art, advertising) 9. commercial portrait (to sell something) 10. wedding portrait (set up and candid event)


1. In studio

2. At your location indoors

3. At your location outdoors

4. At an agreed upon location indoors

5. At an agreed upon location outdoors

Types of lights

1. Strobe lights

2. LED lights

3. Natural light

3. Flash

4. Other like candles, flashlight, car lights, computer etc.

Clothing, props and the set

1. You bring it

2. We supply it

3. We make it

CreativeFever does them all!

Contact us at if need a portrait done.

Go to my Photography> People page and see if the system works.

Traditional single portrait in studio using strobes (1)
Traditional family portrait in studio using strobes (1)

Corporate portrait on location using strobes (2)
Industrial portrait on location using natural light (2)

Candid street portrait (3)

Lifestyle portrait (5)

Lifestyle portrait (5)

Surreal portrait (6)

Conceptual portrait (7)

Conceptual portrait (7)
Abstract portrait (8)

Abstract portrait (9)

Wedding Portrait (10)

Wedding portrait (10)
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