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Doing work for free

Doing work for free has got to stop, as it devalues the whole industry. I was doing some of my work for free or for trade in services but it was only because I was in need of portfolio images for this website and this was important to me as I was making a shift from art direction / creative director to professional photographer and videographer. After two years of hard work, I feel that I have now arrived. I am no longer doing any free work. This is not just my hobby, it is my full time job. I am highly educated and have over 30 years of experience in creating images that make marketing sense with proven results. I charge a reasonable fee of $100 an hour for most services. I am kind with keeping your fee reasonable should I go overtime. My goal is to create images that exceed your expectations while not burning a hole in your wallet. So lets be fair... do not ask me to work for free, my time is valuable. I enjoy helping people solve their graphic, Illustration, photography and video problems and everyone has something that they need. Thank you.

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